Reading your prescription reading your prescription

First, and most importantly, please have your eyes checked and consult with your local eye doctor if you have not done that so far. 

*Keep in mind, your prescription for eyeglasses and contact lenses will be different.

Normally your RX prescription for contact lenses will look something like this: 

prescription sample contacts

and your RX prescription for eyeglasses will look similar to this: 

prescription eyeglasses

① Myopia/Hyperopia | Depending on your prescription the SPH(Power) will be written with a minus (-) for nearsighted or plus (+) for farsighted. 
For contact lenses, you will also be prescribed with additional information like of BC (Base Curve) and Dia (Diameter) of your eye shape. This will determine which type of lenses will best suit your eyes. 

② Astigmatism | Numbers under this column determine whether you require astigmatism correction. Both CYL (Cylinder) and AXIS information will be provided. In this case, you will need toric contact lenses / or astigmatism correction lenses on your eyewear. 

③ Progressive | Mostly written with plus (+) numbers, this means you require correction for both near and farsighted vision. In this case, you will need multifocal contact lenses / or progressive lenses on your eyewear. 

④ PD (Pupillary Distance) | (Only needed for prescription eyewear) This is to determine the distance between your pupil so to ensure you are looking at the center of your prescription lenses on your eyewear product. 


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